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I love everything about this painting. Like magic, it perfectly encompasses how I feel right now. Right down to the name, "Emerging"

While the first two paintings in Unique Perspectives, have a more reflective, inward quality to them, Emerging quite literally bursts off the painting. The newness of the maple leaves, makes them so delicate, yet they have managed to grow their way out of frosty cold ground, and push through any obstacles that had been lying on the surface of the earth.

The quiet unseen growth under the surface is what intrigues me the most. Over the last year I have been steadily learning about, and exploring the unseen parts of me, and now it is time to Emerge from the quiet safety of my studies.

Just like the leaves, I still feel delicate, and new, yet empowered and liberated to serve my purpose in this beautiful world.






Excluding GST/HST |
  • 30"×40"

    Oil and Texture Medium

    Custom Made Gallery Wrap Wood Panel

  • Shipping Cost and Method will be discussed once purchase payment has been made.

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