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It is a good day to be a good day

When I am feeling stuck in my shitty self talk, or in the mud pit of negativity, and it feels all consuming, I try to shift my focus to gratitude. It is harder sometimes then others, and more often then not I hit a hard wall of resistance.

Resistance to feeling good, to feeling joyful.

@tealswanoffical said something that really stuck with me: When Joyfulness feels too far away, reach for Relief. This concept is so liberating. The simplicity of relief brings you a step closer to Joy, without force.

It is these moments that we have a choice to make:

Stay Stuck or Get Moving.

Do you consciously CHOOSE how you react to or perceive events in your life?

"Looking Up II" serves to remind us that the simplest of acts such as a moment of enjoying the view, and feeling the warmth of the sun can shift us into the higher state of Joy.

Looking Up II

Excluding GST/HST |
  • 30" x 40"

    Oil and Texture Medium

    Custom Made Gallery Wrap Wood Panel

  • Shipping Cost and Method will be discussed once purchase payment has been made.

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